What type of boats can I rent? Sailboat, yacht, catamaran or motorboat.

The type of boat to rent basically depends on the size of the group, the duration of the rental, our budget and our preferences in terms of comfort, speed and fuel consumption.
Our recommendation to rent a boat in Barcelona is to rent a sailboat as it is the option with the best quality / price ratio and can accommodate up to 12 people on board.
Find below all the options with their main advantages and disadvantages:



It is the most popular option due to its good price and capacity. They can accommodate up to 11 passengers + skipper. You can sail and the fuel consumption is lower than that of other types of boats. Sailing in Barcelona is the best option.

Price                  ●●●●●

Comfort             ●●●○○

Capacity            ●●●○○

Speed ​​               ●●○○○

Consumption   ●●●●●

TOTAL              ●●●●○

alquilar un velero en barcelona

rent a sailboat in Barcelona



Renting a yacht in Barcelona will be ideal if your preferences are comfort and luxury. The main drawbacks are the high cost due to high fuel consumption and engine noise during navigation.

Price                   ●○○○○

Comfort              ●●●●○

Capacity             ●●●○○

Speed ​​               ●●●●○

Consumption   ●○○○○

TOTAL               ●●●○○

alquilar un yate en barcelona

rent a yacht in Barcelona



Catamaran rental in Barcelona is increasingly popular for large group celebrations. There are catamarans with a capacity of up to 150 people, but there are also medium catamarans with a capacity of up to 30 passengers. Their main advantage is the amplitude and stability (they favor the prevention of seasickness since they wobble less than the rest of the boats).

Price                   ●●○○○

Comfort              ●●●●○

Capacity             ●●●●●

Speed                ​​●○○○○

Consumption   ●●●○○

TOTAL               ●●●○○

alquilar un catamaran en barcelona

rent a catamaran in Barcelona


-Motor boat

Renting a motor boat in Barcelona will be ideal if your preferences are speed and adrenaline. The speedboats offer agility to go from one beach to another, but they have the disadvantage of space since they have small capacity (usually up to 9 passengers maximum) and consume a lot of fuel.

Price                   ●●●○○

Comfort              ●●○○○

Capacity            ●●○○○

Speed                ​​●●●●●

Consumption   ●●○○○

TOTAL               ●●●○○

alquilar una lancha en barcelona

rent a motor boat in Barcelona


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Barcelona?

The price of renting a boat in Barcelona is between € 200 for one hour and up to € 3000 for the full day.

The price depends on the type of boat, the time of year and whether it includes skipper and fuel or not. Next, we indicate the approximate price for the rental in high season including skipper and fuel:

-Price to rent a sailboat in Barcelona: From € 200 / hour to € 900 / all day.
-Price to rent a catamaran in Barcelona: From € 400 / hour to € 1800 / all day.
-Price to rent a yacht in Barcelona: From € 600 / hour to € 2000 / all day.
-Price to rent a boat in Barcelona: From € 300 / hour to € 1500 / all day.


What do you need to rent a boat? Rent with skipper or without skipper? Do I need a license? What license do I need?

To rent a boat, you only need to bring your ID and your nautical title (the latter will only be necessary for renting without a skipper). The rental company will take care of having the rental contract prepared for it to be signed by both parties before boarding.

To rent a boat in Barcelona with a skipper it is not necessary to have any nautical qualifications since the skipper (captain) will be responsible for the boat and the people on board.

If what you are looking for is to rent a boat without a skipper, in that case you must be in possession of the corresponding nautical certificate according to the length of the boat:

-From 0 to 5 meters length: No qualification is necessary. You can rent the boats without a license.
-From 5 to 6 meters length and jet skis: Navigation license (titulín).
-From 6 to 8 meters length: Basic navigation pattern (PNB).
-From 8 to 15 meters length: Pattern of recreational boats (PER).
-From 15 to 24 meters length: Yacht skipper (PY).
-More than 24 meters length without limitation: Yacht captain (CY).
We always recommend renting with a skipper as this way you can enjoy the ride and relax without having to take responsibility for the occupants and the boat. In addition, the professional skipper knows the area very well so he will take care of taking you to the places that best suit you according to your interests.

If you rent a boat without a skipper, you must pay a deposit of between € 300 and € 2000 depending on the type of boat.


Where to rent a boat in Barcelona? Company or individual. In which port to rent the boat?

There are mainly two options to rent a boat in Barcelona. By renting it to a private individual using one of the platforms that connects private boats with people who want to rent a boat or rent it directly to a boat rental company in Barcelona.

We recommend that you rent it directly in a specialized company, so you make sure that the boat is in good condition and with the correct documentation in order to avoid problems on the day of the rental. Direct communication with rental companies is much more fluid since you can call them or talk on whatsapp without intermediaries.

You can also get a better price since the intermediary platforms take between 15% and 20% commission.

The best port to rent a boat in Barcelona is the Olympic Port. It is the port of Barcelona with the most sailing activity and with the most charter (rental) companies.

If you want to know more details about all the ports in Barcelona, ​​visit our post: All ports in Barcelona.


Where to sail in Barcelona? Best destinations according to the duration of the rental.

Barcelona is an ideal place to sail as it almost always has a good wind and has very beautiful nearby destinations. Depending on the duration of the rental you can sail up to:

-Rental of 2 or 3 hours: Barcelona Skyline, ​​Badalona, ​​Montgat.
-Half day rental: Maresme (Masnou, premià, etc)
-Full day rental: Vilassar de Mar, El Garraf, Castelldefels (Port Ginesta), Sitges.
-Rental of a weekend (2 days): South of Costa Brava (Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Platja d’Aro, Palamós).
-Rental for a week (7 days): North of Costa Brava (Begur, l’Escala, Roses, Illes Medes, Cadaqués). Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera).


What is the best time to rent a boat in Barcelona?

In Barcelona you can sail all year round (in winter with warm clothes) but the season runs from March to October (both months included), the best months being from May to September as it is warmer.

If you rent a boat between November and February we recommend you to bring a good jacket to avoid getting cold. Although the truth is that you can easily find many sunny and pleasant days in winter to sail.


-You can see the weather, wind and sea forecast on the Windy TV website up to 10 days in advance.

-In summer the sea is usually calmer early in the morning (10am) and at sunset (8pm) since at noon the thermal wind from the south-west (Garbí) normally blows hard, raising up to 1.5 meters of wave.


What is included and what is not included in the boat rental?

We recommend that you look carefully at the time of hiring the boat rental since depending on the platform or company, some things or others will be included and the final price depends a lot on it, especially the fuel and the skipper.

Usually included

-Boat rental

-Skipper (captain): Be careful, there are companies that charge it separately (€ 190 / day approx).

-Fuel: Be careful, there are companies that charge it separately. Depending on the type of boat, it can cost between € 50 and € 1000 per day.

Possible extras not included

-Additional crew: Sailor, waiter, chef, etc.

-Catering: Some companies include snacks and drinks.

– Auxiliary boat (dinghy): It is the inflatable boat (zodiac) used to go to the beaches.

-Outboard motor: The motor that the dinghy uses.

-Cleaning: Normally it is included for the rental by hour or for the half day rentals, but there are companies that charge it separately.

-Sheets and towels: Normally charged separately for the week rentals.


How many people can go on board?

The maximum capacity depends on the type of boat. Next, we indicate the usual capacity depending on the type of boat:

-Sailboat: 9-12 people
-Catamaran: 12-30 people
-Yacht: 9-12 people
-Motor boat: 5-9 people
-Gulet: 30-50 people
-Large catamaran: 80-150 people

How many hours or days to hire the boat?

The duration will depend on the objective and destination of the boat rental. If the intention is to have a good time taking a boat trip in Barcelona, ​​the ideal duration is between 2 and 4 hours. If you want to eat on board and spend more time swimming, the ideal is a full day rental (8 hours).

If the boat is rented to make a trip or spend a few days on vacation, the ideal is 1 week for the Costa Brava trip and 2 weeks for the Balearic Islands trip (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca or Menorca).


What should I bring on the day of the rental? Packing list

Here we indicate everything you should bring to rent a boat. We have made two lists, one for a boat trip for a few hours and the other one for the rental of several days:

List of things to bring to rent a boat for several hours or a day

-Shoes or sneakers with white non-slip sole
-Jacket (in case it cools down at sunset)
-Medicine to avoid seasickness (biodramina or dramamine)

List of things to bring to rent a boat for several days

-Everything mentioned in the previous list
-Light luggage and with soft suitcase (bag type not type suitcase with wheels)
-Comfortable clothes
-Snorkeling equipment
-Drinking water
-Prepared food and easy food preparation (such as rice and pasta)


How to prevent motion sickness?

Seasickness is one of the main concerns when renting a boat. Here is what you should do to avoid and / or combat motion sickness:

-Take medication to avoid motion sickness 1 hour before the boat trip (biodramina or dramamine). It is sold without a prescription in all pharmacies. It is very effective. In case of not being able to take the medicine or not feeling the effect, take the following tips.
-Look at the horizon. Do not fix your gaze on any part of the boat but outside as far as possible.
-Do not go inside the boat. It is much better to be on the outside of the boat, the chances of seasickness when entering the interior are very high.
-Do not look at the mobile phone.
-Sailing facing the waves. If we receive the waves from the side the boat will move from side to side favoring seasickness.
-Jump into the sea. 90% of the times you swim, dizziness disappears.
-And as a last advise, if the dizziness persists after applying the above tips, lie down in a cabin with your eyes closed to fall asleep. If you manage to fall asleep the dizziness will disappear.


Can you stop on the high seas?

Yes, if the sea is calm you can make a stop leaving the boat adrift to swim in the high seas. You can also anchor (drop anchor) near a beach to swim, relax, etc.


Is there a toilet on the boat?

Yes, most boats have a toilet on board. The only boats that sometimes do not have a lavatory are motorboats. If you are going to rent a boat for half a day or several days, it is important that you have a toilet. Please confirm with the boat owner.


Can I have a party on the boat? Can you drink alcohol on the boat?

Yes, you can have a party and consume alcohol when you rent a boat, as long as you respect the crew and the boat. It is advisable to drink in moderation. Keep in mind that on a boat we have the risk of falling into the water and drowning. Safety on board comes first.


What happens if there is bad weather? Where to see the weather forecast and the state of the sea?

Normally, boat rental companies allow you to change the day or make a full refund in case of rain or in case the state of the sea does not allow sailing safely.

To know if the day will be sunny and we will not have rain on the day of the rental, we advise you to consult the website: BBC Weather

Regarding the state of the sea and the wind, the ideal is that there is no more than 1 meter of wave and that the wind is between 8 and 15 knots to be able to sail comfortably. To do this, we advise you to consult the website: Windy.com. On the right side of the screen you can select the state of the sea, the wind, etc.


How to book a boat rental in Barcelona? Payment conditions

The reservation is made online, paying 50% of the rental. The other 50% is paid at check in on the day of the rental at the time of boarding.

You must select the duration of the rental, the day and the time of departure in the calendar and enter your data to formalize the booking.

Once the reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact meeting point.

Rent a boat in Barcelona