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At Barcelona Boat Tours we organize all kinds of nautical activities, boat experiences, organization of events on boats, boat parties, sailing experiences, romantic boat activities, etc.

Below you will find the main types of boat experiences that we organize, but if you contact us with your proposal, we will send you a personalized quote:


Boat parties in Barcelona

We have many party boat rentals in Barcelona. All of them include boat rental, crew, fuel, snacks and one drink per person (cava, beer or soft drink).

If you want to celebrate your birthday, bachelorette party, hen party, stag party or any other type of celebration, contact us and we will indicate the best option for you.

Depending on the size of the group, one boat or another will be ideal:

Sailing boat rental in Barcelona for party

Sailboats are ideal for groups of up to 11 people. There is also the option of renting several sailboats and being able to sail together. This option is the cheapest one. They have music equipment, toilet, cabins to rest, etc.

Rent a catamaran in Barcelona for a party

Catamarans are more spacious and have a capacity of up to 28 people. They are more stable and have a powerful stereo.

Rent a big boat in Barcelona for a party

For groups of up to 47 people, the ideal is a large capacity luxury gulet. It has multiple chill out areas, cocktail bar, DJ mixer, etc.


Organization of boat events in Barcelona

The main boat events that are organized are company events. Depending on the number of people, different types of events can be organized:

Regattas in Barcelona

For corporate regattas, groups of between 6 and 10 people per sailboat are formed, organizing a fleet of from 2 to 30 sailboats. In this way, up to 300 people could participate in the event.

Participants will receive an explanatory briefing with basic sailing and safety instructions so as to participate during the regatta.

Depending on the weather conditions, several rounds may be made. Basically, it consists of a “race” between sailboats from the starting line to the finish line passing through the windward buoy only with the force of the wind, with the engines off.

This activity encourages teamwork, team building, camaraderie and organization, since in order for the sailboat to sail in optimal conditions, each crew member must correctly exercise their function with the support of the others.

Company meetings by boat

This is an increasingly popular option. Rent a boat by hour to make a business meeting of any kind: product presentation, objectives achieved, etc.

For meetings of few people the ideal is the sailboat (up to 11 pax.), The catamaran for groups of between 12 and 28 pax and the schooner for groups of between 29 and 47 pax.

Projector and microphone can be mounted on the catamaran and the schooner to make a presentation.


Couple activities

In Barcelona there are several nautical activities to do as a couple. You can take a romantic sailing trip, enjoy a wonderful sunset by boat privately, or organize an activity tailored to your needs.

At Barcelona Boat Tours we have organized all kinds of activities for couples for special occasions such as: requests for a hand (marriage proposals), wedding anniversary, special gift for couples, Valentine’s day present, etc.


Gastronomic experiences

Barcelona is known for its great variety and gastronomic richness. Combining these qualities with a boat rental, the perfect experience appears.

The main gastronomic activities are wine tasting by boat in Barcelona and a sailing excursion with an assortment of tapas.

We also offer a wide variety of quality catering to enjoy on board any of our boats.